I attended Deniz' Yoga for Depression workshop in Koh Phangan, May 2015. Beautiful experience, got a lot of information and tools to use and share with others. I definitely recommend this workshop to anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the topic. :)))


Eric, Photographer, China


Deniz is an amazing teacher! Soft yet firm, flexible and concrete! And I'm not only talking about her physical qualities here. She made me take my yoga practice more serious, and she gave me more aspiration.


Katarina, 32, Germany


Deniz is very present and accessible as a teacher. She has an open and shining presence.


Debbie, 53, USA


Deniz is very caring, tender and she creates an atmosphere of trust and safety, which made me feel really comfortable. Through her energy, I was able to explore parts of myself I wasn't well connected to, and find a deep profound power inside me. She helped me to know more my body, to honour and embrace myself as a woman. Thank you for the powerful session!


Carole, 28, France


I can highly recommend this workshop! Deniz is a very loving and inspiring yoga teacher with a great knowledge about the toppic. Not only if you suffer from depression but also if you are a yoga teacher or it just someone who is interested in getting to know more about yoga therapy, you should go there! It is definitely worth checking out.


Christine, School Teacher, Germany


I joined this workshop a few month ago in Thailand and I highly recommend it!

Deniz is offering here a profound program for everyone who wants to learn more about depression! Her unique approach on this topic guaranteed holistic insights and gives practical tools! Being a living example for the efficiency of her teachings, she's creating a harmonious and light space for a rather heavy topic. Let her pleasant, knowledgeable type of teachings change your life!


Dominik, Germany


Deniz's warmth and her caring personality clearly reflect in her as a teacher and therapist. She is very considerate and took great care of me and all my overwhelming emotions released after a consultation with her. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Jeanette, 32, Norway