The Healing Power of Nature

Nature is the greatest healer of all. How many of us feel anxious under the weight of our modern lifestyles? How many struggle with digestion, insomnia, burn out and depression?

When we do, we feel that something is wrong with us, we try to look for an explanation in our genetics, our nutrition, go from doctor to doctor, take medicines to make our broken bodies work again... Often in vain. We forget that the body knows how to heal itself if we provide it with the right climate to do so. If you're not happy in your life, change something. Listen to what your heart ♥ desires. Allow pleasure into your life. Relax often. Eat healthily. Move and enjoy your body. Laugh, play, have fun. Spend time in nature 🌳 Those are the recipes for a healthy body and mind.

Nature's energy calms the nervous system. Its beauty touches the heart. It connects us to our deep primal human existence where we reconnect with the larger whole. Nature is where we come from and it reflects the divine. That's why when we're in nature, we feel connected to something higher than ourselves. A direct non-religious and intuitive experience of who we are and what live is all about 🌈

Some things you can try at home to ease feelings of anxiety, depression and burn-out:

* Open your window right after stepping out of bed. Breathe deeply the fresh air for a few minutes, no matter how cold it is.

* Go for a walk in nature and focus on your senses. Look around at the plants and sky. Listen to the nature sounds. Smell the air. Feel your skin. Relax your jaw and mouth and taste your tongue.

* Take a warm bath with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Submerge yourself in the water and imagine becoming one with it. Water has been used throughout the world to cleanse, heal and purify.

* Talk to your icky feelings. If you're feeling depressed, ask your depressed feelings what's wrong. Ask your anxiety why it's there. Ask your burnt-out soul what it needs. Listen and give yourself what you need. It's called self-care.

* Do a guided relaxation. If you're feeling down, exhausted, irritable, confused or don't know what direction to go in life, do a daily guided relaxation. It will help you to center, digest emotional worries and gain clarity by connecting yourself to your soul.

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