How to Manage Lower Back Pain in 3 Steps

Lower back pain. We’ve all been there. Many of us experience varying degrees of lower back pain without an apparent cause.

Lower back pain has become the physical complaint of this century. Our lower back carries our daily burdens of desk-work, long periods of standing, immobility and heavy lifting. If you’ve ever experienced lower back pain, you can value the importance of having a pain-free back.

In order to prevent lower back pain and relieve a sore back, we need to follow a 3-step approach.

Watch the video below where I guide you through three simple exercises. These practices will improve your lower back health, as well as release tension from your lower back when you are in pain.


Keeping your spine mobile is essential for back care. Our spine is many up vertebrae that connect to each other in joints. In order to keep our spine healthy, we need to maintain the full range of motion within the spinal joints. Movement helps to lubricate the joints, releases tension and balances the nervous system. The cat pose is a simple exercise that encourages spinal mobility without putting pressure on the back.

Core Strength

Our core muscles support our lower back to maintain an upright position. By strengthening our core, lower back and abdominal muscles, we give extra support the lumbar spine. I am personally a big fan of pilates exercises to strengthen to core in a gentle and streamlined way.

Buttock Release

The buttocks are one of the largest muscle groups in the body. They tend to hold a lot of tension which can cause or contribute to back pain. Stretches that release the glutes and piriformis are a third step in keeping your back pain-free.

About the Author

Deniz Aydoslu, MSc is a qualified yoga teacher, therapeutic yoga consultant, author and international workshop facilitator.

She offers consultations online through her website

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