Exploring Emotions explores the 5 root causes of suffering and how tracing our emotions back to their root leads to inner peace.


The 5 root causes of suffering, or inner poisons, are the result of our separation from our deepest essence. Signs of fear, aversion, attraction and identification are powerful messengers to show us where we are disconnected.

In this book we explore how our emotions can be powerful tools for self-insight. By inquiring into their essence, they can guide us back to inner peace. Rather than suppressing our emotions and falling into the trap of spiritual bypassing, we can use our emotions to reveal whether we are living in alignment with ourselves.


In the book I take you through a 5 Day Self Insight Challenge to discover how the five kleshas shape your day-to-day experience. It's also a great tool for yoga teachers to give your students an experiential understanding of yoga philosophy.


Apart from that, the book covers topics such as negative beliefs, the power of affirmations, the challenges of anxiety, and the connection of emotions with the physical body. 


Exploring Emotions includes a  FREE guided relaxation exercise.  You'll learn a special technique to reduce subconscious emotional tensions that many people have benefited from.



- The 5 Causes of Suffering and how they lie at the root of all our pain

- Creating Inner Peace  by tracing our emotions back to their origin

- The Dangers of Emotional Suppression and why to keep an eye out for spiritual bypassing

- A Simple System To Change Your Beliefs and how your mind creates your reality

- The Messages Of Our Gut Emotions and what they are trying to tell us

- Daily Rituals For Creating Change and starting your day with intention

- Heart Coherence and how to attune to the frequency of your heart


Deniz Aydoslu, MSc., is an internationally experienced Yoga Teacher and Therapeutic Yoga Consultant. She is the founder of Therapies for Evolution, a system that specializes in the therapeutic application of Yoga. 


Deniz majored in criminology, an integrative science made up of psychology, sociology, and forensic studies, and specialized in mental health and sexuality.


She left her academic career behind for a life of Yoga and Meditation in Asia, where she teaches and practices. 


Apart from her professional practice, Deniz has lived through anxiety and depression and inspires her writings with her own experience. 


The book includes a free 25 minute guided relaxation exercise that you can download and practice whenever you want. The practice uses a technique to reduce subconscious emotional tension and release stored emotional pain. It is particularly helpful for dealing with anxiety, depression, grief, insomnia, addiction, burn-out, chronic fatigue and stress.

I've also included a Gratitude Journal that you can print out. This practice creates new neurological connections and wires your brain for happiness. You'll learn more about it in the book.