Depression Decoded offers revolutionary insights into depression and the nature of the mind. The book integrates traditional views on therapy with yoga, to offer an integrative holistic approach to healing. 


Depression Decoded offers a theoretical framework for a new healing strategy for mental health and depression. The author explains depression form a yogic perspective and describes how the condition has its traces in the body, energetic structure, emotions, and mind.


The book offers new insights and inspiration for those suffering from depression, and for mental health professionals. The book offers a step-by-step practical method to take you from depression to radiance. 


In order to make the book extra user-friendly, it includes a free video series of the techniques. 

Depression Decoded describes a Yoga Therapy Method based on 4 Keys. These four steps form the core of the Yoga Practice and healing strategy that includes breathing techniques, asana practice, energy work, and meditation. The method allows you to dive deep into yourself to discover the hidden parts that have long been repressed. 



- Why We Are Depressed and how yoga teaches you to access the hidden pain 

- A Vertical Psychology Of Transformation and how to achieve permanent change 

- The 5 Reasons Why We Suffer and why everything is connected 

- How Your Mind Creates Your Reality and how thoughts can impair your health 

- The Different Types Of Depression and how you can recognize them 

- The 4 Psychological Typologies and how they determine our emotions and thoughts 

- The Role Of The Nervous System In Depression and how to influence it 

- The Secret Principles of Healing through creating balance 


Deniz Aydoslu, MSc., is an internationally experienced Yoga Teacher and Therapeutic Yoga Consultant. She is the founder of Therapies for Evolution, a system that specializes in the therapeutic application of Yoga. 


Deniz majored in criminology, an integrative science made up of psychology, sociology, and forensic studies, and specialized in mental health and sexuality.


She left her academic career behind for a life of Yoga and Meditation in Asia, where she teaches and practices. 


Apart from her professional practice, Deniz has lived through depression and inspires her writings with her own experience. 


This video series demonstrates the practices of the B.E.E.M. Method - a revolutionary practice based on Yoga Therapy to transform depression into Radiance. 


The B.E.E.M. Method consists of 4 Keys: Breathe - Energize - Elevate - Meditate. Every Key entails 2 powerful techniques that address the root of depression.


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