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Deniz Aydoslu is an internationally experienced yoga teacher and yoga therapist. Therapies for Evolution is born out of the coming together of her dedication to yoga, her academic background as a criminologist, and her passion for health, healing, inner harmony, and personal growth.


Deniz holds a master's degree in criminology, an integrative social science that studies dichotomies such as normality-abnormality, health-disease, and nature-nurture. Criminologists study the construction of these concepts in space, time, and culture; the mechanisms that maintain them; and their transformation and evolution throughout time. During her studies she specialized in psychology, gender studies, addiction, and altered states of consciousness. She received her master’s degree from the University of Ghent, and conducted post-graduate research at the University of Kent. Deniz specializes in emotional health and spirituality, smoothly integrating Western science with Eastern psychology, and spiritual wisdom.


Deniz has been working with the body as an instrument of insight, expression, and education since the age of 5 when her mother put her in dance class. "At the age of 16, she first began practicing yoga after she discovered the profound mental effects of long-held stretches in her teenage years as a gymnast. After years of intense yoga practice, she decided to become a yoga teacher. After a few years of full-time teaching and gaining a further qualification as a fitness instructor and training in life coaching, she embarked on a spiritual quest that took her around the world. She ended up living in Asia for many years where she continued to study and dedicated herself to her spiritual practice. During this time, her desire for experience and transformation lead her to study many other disciplines such as different forms of meditation, tantra (500h Tantra Yoga Teacher), Thai massage (Advanced Practitioner ITM), bodywork, intuitive movement, mystical dance, embodied psychology, shamanic healing, shamanic spirituality and psycho-spiritual Work. 


After 4 years of intense further study and practice in Thailand, including lengthily silent meditation retreats, she decided to translate her inner calling into a therapeutic specialty. Deniz went on to qualify as a therapeutic yoga teacher and started offering therapeutic yoga consultations. In 2015, she published her first book "Depression Decoded: From Depression To Radiance in 4 Steps" which became a bestseller in multiple categories. 


As an experienced therapeutic yoga consultant and qualified fitness and exercise instructor, she has experience applying different systems of movement and exercise for health, fitness, and personal growth.

Deniz is passionate about holistic and alternative health systems and has received a lot of personal benefit from them. Yoga therapy helped her to manage a chronical bursistis that made her dependent on a wheelchair. For years she was sent from one doctor to the next. She tried a variety of therapies and medicines without any apparent improvement. Thanks to yoga she is now pain-free and able to live without major restrictions. Apart from managing other physical complaints, yoga has helped her through clinical depression, anxiety, developmental trauma and broken hearts. She shares from her own experience and studies so that others might also feel the benefit of yoga therapy in their lives.

"I believe that true healing comes from accessing the emotional depth and healing benefits of the Heart. Any healing journey requires a wise combination of therapy and inner evolution in order for permanent transformation to take place. All my work includes healing the wounds of the heart and connecting with our core-essence of presence and love."


Deniz has been sharing her work with students and clients in the UK, Belgium, and Thailand since 2009. After living and working out of Thailand for 5 years, she returned to Belgium in 2017 to open her Praktijk voor Yoga Therapie where she offers consultations in Sint-Niklaas and Gent. She continues to offer online consultations and teaches workshops in Europe and Asia.

For workshops and consultations in all parts of the world, please keep an eye on the calendar.


Consultations are possible in person in Belgium, as well as online via Skype.